Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving

Driving while intoxicated is a crime, with often severe consequences to innocent drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, passengers or pedestrians. In 2009, the Florida Department of Transportation, 8.5% of all traffic accidents and 40% of traffic fatalities were alcohol related.  

Individuals involved in alcohol related accidents are often left with serious personal injuries that require long and expensive medical care. Accidents caused by drunk drivers cause physical, emotional and financial problems to both the injured person and his or her family. Due to the severity of collisions caused by drunk drivers, a victim can sustain injuries to their head, brain, spinal cord, neck or back, as well as sustain damage to their knees, shoulders, ankles or other life-altering physical trauma. 

Victims of a drunk driver may be entitled to not only compensatory damages, which pay for  medical bills and lost wages, as well as physical and emotional pain and suffering, but also punitive damages, which serve as a punishment for and hopefully a future deterrent to the drunk driver. 

I have more than 23 years of experience in handling alcohol related motor vehicle accidents. Not only is causing an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol a criminal offense, it is also an act where the victims can bring a lawsuit for their injuries. 

It is important to investigate the circumstances surrounding the drunk driver prior to operating a motor vehicle. 

  • Where did the drunk driver consume the alcohol?
  • Who served the drunk driver the alcohol?
  • Is there another person or business responsible for the damages caused by the drunk driver, because that person or business served enough alcohol to allow the driver to become intoxicated?
  • Was the drunk driver under the age of 21?
  • Was the drunk driver a habitual user of alcohol?
  • Did a person or business knowingly serve the habitual user of alcohol after being advised to refuse service to the drunk driver?
  • Has the drunk driver been involved in more than 1 drunk driving collision? 

After being involved in a motorcycle an accident with a drunk driver, you may not be quite sure what to do. By calling or contacting me, I will:

  • Personally help you through this ordeal.
  • Provide appropriate legal advice to you. 
  • If necessary, assist you in getting your mode of transportation repaired or replaced, at no additional cost to you. 
  • If applicable, attempt to arrange alternative transportation for you, to be paid by the negligent party’s insurance company. 
  • If you miss work, I will immediately seek to have your lost wages reimbursed, if you have the appropriate insurance coverage. 
  • If you require medical attention and you do not know the name of a reputable medical specialist, I will personally provide you with a list of medical specialists who are experts in treating individuals injured in motor vehicle collisions. 

As a former trial attorney for major insurance companies, I will only recommend respected medical specialists who are concerned about your physical well-being and who are respected in both the medical and legal community. 

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident with a drunk driver and need an experienced accident lawyer, please contact me, Steven Ainbinder, for a free, confidential consultation. I personally believe that our system of justice works best when both sides have a skilled professional representing their clients.