How to Deal with a Car Accident: Legal Advice

With over 19 million registered vehicles in the state of Florida, it comes as no surprise that the level of accidents has risen in recent years to over 344,000 in 2015 with many of them resulting in serious damage. Who then has to pay for the repairs to your car and any medical bills for injuries which might have been sustained? In an ideal world, money wouldn’t be an issue, but unfortunately many of us are not prepared for emergency situations such as this.

So what do we consider a car accident to be? Well, the legal definition describes it as being when any type of motor vehicle crashes or strikes a stationary object, an animal, a pedestrian or another vehicle. Whatever type of accident you are involved in can shake you to your core even if there are no injuries, and will leave you wondering what course of action should be taken. This is the point in time where you will want to consider getting car accident legal help from a professional car accident lawyer to help you through the tough times ahead.

car accident legal advice

What Are the Standard Legal Procedures to Follow after a Car Crash?

In a dazed state, our brains often try to take us away from the here and now, making it difficult to stay calm. However, you should try to focus on getting yourself and any passengers out of the car and to a safe area as quick as you can and assess the situation.

Did you collide with another vehicle? Check to see if everyone is ok and get them to safety also. Once everyone is safe, you then need to think about what steps to take to report and record the accident:

  • Call 911 as soon as you can to report the accident and get extra help if needed
  • Call your insurance company or agent, follow their instructions and arrange a tow (if needed)
  • You may also want to call a hit and run accident lawyer at this point if other vehicles involved fail to stop
  • Get as much information at the scene as you can. Don’t admit any fault but be polite and exchange names and insurance information with any other drivers involved in the accident. If there are any witnesses, try and get their contact information also.
  • Take plenty of pictures if it is possible and you have a smartphone or camera handy. Concentrate on the damage of all the vehicles involved including their license plates, damage to property if applicable and any debris that may be lying around.
  • When filling out the insurance claim form, you will need to record such information as the time and date of the accident, weather and traffic conditions, how the accident occurred, and a complete breakdown of damages and injuries. This includes details of any emergency services which were involved. You should also ask for a copy of any incident reports filed by the police or other involved parties to help with the insurance claim.

Benefits of Having Car Accident Legal Help

Being involved in a car accident can have severe consequences which may leave you with mounting medical bills and having difficulty restoring life to normal. By securing the services of a car crash injury lawyer, however, you put yourself in the hands of experienced professionals who will undertake everything on your behalf to get all that is owed to you.

With a long list of successful outcomes here at Ainbinder Law you can work with us in complete confidence. You will be provided with a free consultation on what is full auto coverage with no fees to be paid up front whatsoever. Our only concern will be to get you the compensation which is owed to you so that you can get back to the routine of daily life with nothing to worry about.

If you have recently been involved in any kind of vehicle crash, contact Ainbinder Law now at 561-609-1904 for car accident legal advice that can simplify your life.