Insurance Claim Denials

Insurance Claim Denials

In Florida, insurance companies offer many different types of insurance policies, which are designed to offer you protection if you suffer a loss, such as:

  • Homeowners Insurance;
  • Renters Insurance;
  • Condominium Insurance;
  • Mobile Home Insurance;
  • Boat and Marine Insurance;
  • Automobile Insurance;
  • Motorcycle Insurance; and
  • Jewelry Insurance

How to Get Full Insurance Payment  for Your Claim

As in all insurance policies, the beginning portion of the insurance policy contains language which states what is covered. However, there are certain sections of all insurance policies which state what losses or damages are not covered or are excluded from coverage. There are times an insurance company will allege your claim is not covered or excluded when in fact, the claim should have been paid.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions when submitting an insurance claim?

  • I thought I had full coverage?
  • But my roof was fine and didn’t leak before the hurricane!
  • There is an exclusion that says I am not covered?”
  • What do you mean my policy doesn’t pay for this loss?
  • Why are you paying me so little money for my claim?”
  • I have timely paid insurance premiums for over 20 years and the one time I        make a claim, you reject it and then cancel my insurance policy?
  • What documentation do you need to pay my claim?

One of my favorite quotes about insurance companies was in the movie, The Rainmaker. The insurance adjuster testified that her employer, Great Benefit Life Insurance Company, would deny claims that should have been paid because the company was playing the odds that the insured would not consult with an insurance lawyer near me.

As a former insurance adjuster with Allstate Insurance Company, as well as a former defense trial attorney, Insurance companies, for the most part, properly pay claims. However, there are many times when an insurance attorney near me or an insurance company will pay less than you are entitled or deny an otherwise valid legitimate claim. Insurance companies will attempt to utilize “pre-suit or pre-litigation requirements,” to deny your claim and prevent you from filing suit to enforce your rights. An insurance company may request that you submit to a statement or “examination under oath,” as part of their investigation. You may be requested to provide documentation for damaged items which you do not possess.

There are numerous ways to evaluate an insurance claim to determine whether you received what the insurance policy is required to pay. Although insurance companies are allowed to conduct an investigation to determine if and what they should be required to pay, there are limitations to both their requests for information, as well as the time in which to complete the investigation.

The Best Way to Ensure You Have Not Missed Anything Filling Your Insurance Claim

You may have may have many questions when filing an insurance claim:

  • Should I talk to the insurance company?
  • Should I provide a recorded statement or complete numerous forms?
  • What happens if I overestimate the damages I believe I sustained?
  • Should I accept a settlement offer, if one is made?
  • Am I allowed to consult with my own contractor or another professional when presenting a claim?
  • Am I allowed legal representation?

The best decision you can make before doing anything is to speak with a property damage lawyer and ask all of these questions. This will ensure that your rights are properly protected.

If you are making an insurance claim or if your insurance company has denied your claim and are in need of an experienced insurance dispute attorney, please contact me, Steven Ainbinder, for a free, confidential consultation. In most cases, insurance attorney fees are paid by the insurance company and not you. I personally believe that our system of justice works best when both sides have a skilled professional representing their clients.

Don’t let your insurance claim to be denied. Rely on insurance attorney and get full payment.