How Does An Insurance Claim Process Work

Understanding the Insurance Claim Process

With medical bills that can easily get out of control and other expensive items such as a house or car that would be difficult to replace, it is normal to take out insurance policies to cover any damages. When we make a claim on the policy, you are essentially asking the provider to make a payment based on the policy terms. Normally, this is an easy enough process which entails filling out a claim form and sending it off to the insurance company or broker. Unfortunately, there may be instances where an insurance company may not honor your claim and you will need to seek legal advice from insurance attorney on how to best proceed.

insurance claim form

How to Proceed with the Insurance Claim Process

The type of insurance you have, whether its car, health, or property, will require specific documents associated with the individual claim. These should be completed as thoroughly as possible. You maybe be asked to submit further documents when submitting a car or health insurance claim but generally, the following papers will be needed:

  • Fully completed claim form signed and dated
  • Registration certificate (for vehicles)
  • Admission notes (hospitalization)
  • Incident report, written statement or medical investigation notes
  • Original estimate
  • Hospital main bill
  • Photographs of the damage
  • Replacement Invoices
  • Police report
  • Third party liability report (if applicable)

What Can You Do If Your Property Insurance Claims Are Denied?

As most people who have dealt with an insurance company know, they are not always willing or timely in providing people with what they are rightfully owed. You can, of course, appeal against any decision you feel is unfair when having your car, health or property insurance claims reduced or dismissed entirely but this is unlikely to make an impact. Your best option if this occurs is to find a lawyer who has experience with the process and understands exactly what your rights are and the intricacies of many different policies.

Our Insurance Claim Lawyers Will Fight Diligently on Your Behalf

At Ainbinder law, we understand just how reluctant insurance companies can be in honoring their policies. Our specialist lawyers have intimate knowledge of what goes on behind the doors of these companies. Many having been previously employed as claims adjusters which gives a unique insight and is advantageous for building your case.

Feel free to drop by our offices in Boca Raton during the week between 9am and 5pm, or alternatively, call us at 561-609-1904 to arrange an appointment for a weekend counsel. By always putting your needs first, Ainbinder law takes every case seriously, even giving a free case review and offering the best way to proceed on a no win-no fee basis.

For the best help, you will find battling the insurance claim process, call us now. You will benefit by having legal representation that really packs a punch when facing off against these big companies to secure all that is owed to you.